State Assembly passes Green Bay coal pile bill

GREEN BAY, Wis. (WBAY) - The Wisconsin State Assembly has passed the Green Bay Coal Pile and Port Expansion bill after a vote on Thursday.

The bill includes a grant for funds to move the C. Reiss Coal Company piles to the Pulliam Power Plant site at the mouth of the Fox River.

“I am excited and proud that my colleagues on both sides of the aisle helped me achieve this transformative opportunity for the city of Green Bay and all of Northeast Wisconsin” said Rep. David Steffen (R-Howard)

The coal piles have long been considered an eye sore at an appealing spot on the downtown riverfront. The city would like to use the coal pile property for a $100 million multi-use development.

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The bill now goes to the State Senate for approval.

If it passes and is signed into law, Green Bay would receive a $1.2 million harbor assistance grant from the Department of Transportation. That money would be used for planing and "geo-technical work" at the Pulliam Plant site. Steffen says the site "will be an ideal location for the coal pile relocation."

Action 2 News told you about the coal pile plan back in May.

"Currently, it's not appealing to stare across the river at a bunch of coal piles," Mayor Eric Genrich says. "If they are removed, I think that riverfront obviously increases substantially."

The plan also calls for building an "intermodal transportation facility," according to the mayor's office. Intermodal refers to more than one mode of transportation.

"I think it would be great to see a good deal of mixed-use development down there. Some parkland, some commercial use, some housing. I think some light industrial as a buffer near the southern edge," Genrich says.

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