Green Bay city leaders ask school district to use high school gyms for fall elections

Published: Jun. 15, 2020 at 11:05 PM CDT
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We first told you Thursday , the city is asking the Green Bay Public School District to use four high schools as polling places for the fall elections.

On Monday, the school board discussed how that could work while keeping students and administration safe.

The conversation centered around the August election, as many board members agreed many things could change before the November election.

Mayor Eric Genrich spoke to the school board thanking them for allowing the city to use East and West High schools for the April elections.

However, some board members agreed they wanted to ensure a repeat of the April elections would not happen.

“I would like some binding commitments so that we're not just hearing that the city is going to try to avoid a repeat of April. I would like to make that impossible by contract,” said Member Andrew Becker.

He would like to know the city has at least 10 other polling locations secured before allowing the city to use gyms.

Superintendent Dr. Michelle Langenfeld says the top priority is to keep students and staff safe, because they are expected to be using the gyms in August for sports practices.

“Those two groups of people are not compatible in the same space to ensure the safety of wellbeing of students and staff,” said Langenfeld.

Superintendents met virtually on Monday with health professionals and other superintendents in Brown County to discuss opening plans.

While an official opening plan for the Green Bay School District has not yet been determined; right now administration is requiring people who enter school facilities wear a mask and also answer a few screening questions.

The board directed administration to set up a meeting with city staff to get more details on how they could work together for the elections.

A special board meeting is also expected in the coming weeks.

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