Green Bay city councilors request state elections commission look at Tuesday's election flaws

GREEN BAY, Wis. (WBAY) -- Green Bay Mayor Eric Genrich briefed the city council Thursday, two days after Tuesday's election.

Voters waited in line to cast their ballot, resulting in some not being able to vote.

Alders weighed in on the problems voters faced and requested action be taken to ensure there is not a repeat in November.

“It was painful to watch, and I'm sure more painful to experience and I wish it would have never happened as it did. So, I take full responsibility for the decisions I made.”

Genrich says the city lost 95 percent of its poll workers in the days leading up to the election. He also says city staff lacked confidence in the National Guard's training to help at the polls and found out after they made decisions to condense polling places that guards would be available.

“As our city's election's administrator, Clerk Kris Teske did not believe the training provided was adequate,” said Genrich.

Alderman Chris Wery is asking for the council's support to have the Wisconsin Elections commission investigate Tuesday's election.

”They are an independent body, this is what they do. They will review and provide us information to evaluate and take corrective action regarding our short comings and assist us in creating an action plan to avoid future failures,” said Wery.

Alder Kathy Lefebvre also reporting looking to ask the state commission to look at after hearing issues from people requesting absentee ballots.

“They did it like, three weeks before the election. They went back to check to see where their ballot was and it showed they didn't even request it,” said Lefebvre.

Alder Randy Scannell is also asking the city make a request to the state legislature to have every person mail-in their ballot for the fall elections.

“I'm hoping that our next couple of elections we don't have to put anyone in harm’s way. I don't understand why we're doing that when we don't have to,” said Scannell.

Barb Dorff, also putting in a communication to form a committee to help the city clerk with elections as long as the COVID-19 pandemic is active.

Mayor Genrich says a more detailed report of what happened Tuesday from the city's perspective will be discussed with councilors on April 17.