Green Bay City Council gives green light to Shipyard project, with conditions

GREEN BAY, Wis. (WBAY) -- The Green Bay City Council gave its approval of the Shipyard project on Tuesday, with some conditions.

The project is split into four sections near south Broadway and W. Mason Street; $11 million would go to an outdoor events center, improvements to the waterfront and beautification of the nearby neighborhood.

Green Bay Economic Development Director, Kevin Vonck says the Shipyard project needed movement from the city first before private investors for a restaurant and indoor venue at the Shipyard would get involved.

Alderperson Guy Zima raised some concerns, saying the city was entitled to commitment from potential investing parties.

Zima wanted the project referred to the finance committee, but Mayor Jim Schmitt cast the tie-breaking vote to move the project forward.

Final approval is now contingent on the city reaching a separate management agreement and the redevelopment authority contracting a year-round, full service restaurant and an indoor performance venue no later than December 31st.

The council then adopted the project with those main conditions on a 9-3 vote.

"It's pretty obvious the staff was not prepared about a lot of things, didn't have a lot of answers to a lot of things; but the Mayor wants to push this through and he sort of got it through, but really not. It's still open to a lot of debate," said Zima.

"We need to handle each project separately, and if approving one of these projects is what it's going to take to get the other two to come forward and show us what they're looking for, then I think we need to do it because we can still say no," said Alderperson Joe Moore.

The management agreement will be discussed at a later date.

The council also has to approve the proposed restaurant and indoor venue operators.

Other business the council took up on Tuesday included a recommendation for staff to change an ordinance related to the number of dogs people can have per household.

Right now, people are only allowed to have two dogs per household, but a proposal by Alderperson Barbara Dorff would allow for three dogs per household.

However, the council did not pass the recommendation.

The council did pass a draft ordinance prohibiting animals at special events, like the Farmers Market on Broadway.

Animals could still be allowed if the event holder follows the special event approval process.