Green Bay Sail & Paddle promotes local water recreation for all

GREEN BAY, Wis. (WBAY) -- Green Bay Sail & Paddle kicks off its fourth season this week.

Located at South Bay Marina just west of Bay Beach Amusement Park, the water recreation group hopes to get sailors of all ages and abilities on the water this summer.

The group is hoping to change how people view Green Bay's waterways by looking past the industrial perceptions.

Sailing is more than hobby for Wendy Townsend. It is her passion.

"We've had a really cool and awful spring, I think," said Townsend, the president emeritus for Green Bay Sail & Paddle. "It's been wet and everything else, but now look at this glorious day. We could not have ordered a more beautiful day."

Action 2 News joined Townsend and two young sailors on Tuesday morning.

"Wind in your face, flying across the water with not a care in the world," said Lyric Ekberg as he describes what he loves about sailing.

The 12-year-old has spent nine years of his life on the water.

"In my nine years, I've learned around half of whatever you need to know to go sailing," said Ekberg.

Bridget Clarksen, 9, also picked up sailing at a young age.

"I love that it involves meeting new people and seeing old friends, making new friends," she said.

"Green Bay Sail and Paddle is a great way for the community to get out on the water," said Townsend. "Water access has been a real obstacle for most of our community. Most of the kids in our community or adults for that matter have never had the chance to get on the water."

A full calendar with a list of classes and events can be found on the Green Bay Sail & Paddle website or Facebook page.