Green Bay Police begin 'Titletown to Texas' drive

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GREEN BAY, Wis. (WBAY) - The Green Bay Police Department, Burkel’s One Block Over, and a host of donors are looking for public donations to fill up at least one semi-truck to drive to a small Texas town.

Police and volunteers will be helping collect and load donations onto one truck on Friday, from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m., at Burkel's One Block Over on Tony Canedo Drive in Green Bay.

A truck will also be outside Festival Foods in Menasha on Friday.

The trucks and drivers are being provided by Contract Transport Services (CTS). Proctor and Gamble will donate and fill whatever room is left in the trucks before they take off with donated supplies.

The donations will be driven to Rockport-Fulton, Texas -- an area heavily water-logged and devastated, where a Green Bay Police Commander’s family lives.

"One of our commanders, he has a brother and a couple nephews that actually live in Rockport Texas. It's one of the first places in the U.S. to actually get hit by the eye of the storm. It came right over the top of them. Completely devastated their city," said Captain John Laux.

The owner of Burkel's One Block Over says his bar will be an ideal spot to collect donations from all of those around Lambeau Field on Thursday due to the Packers home game.

"You know what's going on right now in this country as far as all the bad things that are going on, let's turn this into something positive and help these people. It doesn't matter about race, color, whatever, it's all about we're all one people. And we need to help each other and that's the way it should be," said Kevin Burkel.

Officials say they're looking for donations of the following nature:

• Infant, child and adult clothing
• All bathroom and groom supplies
• Toilet paper, paper towels, trash bags, Clorox wipes
• Hand sanitizer and body cleansing wipes
• Razor blades, knives, work gloves, cleaning supplies, brooms, shovels
• Human and dog vests
• Waders
• Gas gift cards
• Sealed dry storage containers
• First aid kits (Neosporin, bandages, gauze, medical tape, hydrogen peroxide, buffered aspirin)
• Strong flashlights with extra batteries
• Duct tape, scotch tape, and zip ties
• Collars and leashes
• Ready-to-eat human food
• Plastic sleeves for papers
• Puppy pads and/or newspapers
• Waterproof luggage to mark dogs
• Pedialyte

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