Green Bay Packaging to build new $500 million facility

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GREEN BAY, Wis. (WBAY) - Green Bay Packaging has announced plans to build a new $500 million facility, the largest business development project in Brown County's history

The state-of-the-art facility will replace the 71-year-old Green Bay Paper Mill. Groundbreaking is scheduled for September 2018 at the site on North Quincy Street. The goal is to finish the mill within two years.

The plan must first pass the Green Bay City Council.

Green Bay Packaging estimates the mill would create about 200 full time jobs in the state.

It's also the first new paper mill in Wisconsin in over 30 years.

"Huge project for us, by far the biggest thing we've ever done in the history of our company," said William Kress, Green Bay Packaging President/CEO. "It's kind of a leap of faith. I will tell you that it makes me a little nervous, it's a lot of money, but we are fortunate to have a lot of good bankers on our side to help us through this, and we will carry on."

The company says a new mill would answer the demand for boxes and corrugated paper for online shipping.

The facility will have a new 100 percent recycled paper machine.

The company says the new mill will double its paper production capabilities.

"I mentioned that our production, right Matt, it's going to be double, plus what we do today, which means an awful lot for the supply chain, suppliers in this area as well as all the other suppliers, so we're on a fast track," says Bryan Hollenbach, executive vice president of Green Bay Packaging.

The company is also touting the new facility's environmental upgrades. The coal boiler will be replaced with two natural gas boilers to reduce fuel emissions. The plant will also use a reclaimed water system that will not put wastewater into the Fox River or the Bay, according to Green Bay Packaging.

The paper company says 750 suppliers in Brown County will benefit from the new plant.

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“The decision to build the new 300”, 100% recycled paper machine in Green Bay will preserve more than 1,100 Green Bay Packaging jobs across Brown County and position the company to grow its local workforce in the coming years. The new Green Bay Mill will more than double Green Bay Packaging’s paper production capabilities, resulting in a positive impact on Wisconsin’s transportation industry by increasing the amount of freight coming to and from the company each day.

"Green Bay Packaging has partnered with local contractors like Miron Construction to construct the new Green Bay Mill, which will require nearly 1,000 additional construction jobs over the next 2.5 years."--Hollenbach, Executive Vice President of Green Bay Packaging.

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