Green Bay Garden Blitz installing garden beds this weekend

GREEN BAY, Wis. (WBAY) - The Green Bay Garden Blitz is happening this weekend.

More than 100 volunteers are going out into the community to install raised garden beds.

Volunteers will gather at Green Bay East High School Friday morning. They'll be adding two garden beds at the school.

This weekend, the volunteers will continue to install garden beds at schools, organizations, and homes.

Green Bay Garden Blitz is a volunteer-based program that helps people get started on their own gardens.

The garden beds are $150-to-$175, and come with seeds and soil.

Residents and organizations can sign up for the mentorship program for free. Most of the garden beds are going to families, but several schools and other organizations are getting them.

More than 100 beds will be installed throughout the weekend.

Organizers say the project promotes healthy eating and sustainability.

"When they can see that food comes from the ground, it comes from good soil and they can grow it themselves, we start to pull in the local food economy and allow them to grow food for themselves, which is exciting and healthy for our families," Bethany Thier, Green Bay Garden Blitz.

This is the fourth year for the Green Bay Garden Blitz. Organizers have installed nearly 500 garden beds over the years.

CLICK HERE for more information on the Green Bay Garden Blitz.

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