Green Bay City Council President proposes alternate overnight parking

GREEN BAY, Wis. (WBAY) -- Green Bay's City Council President is proposing an alternative to the city’s two hour overnight street parking ban.

Green Bay Alderman proposing alternate overnight parking for the city.

The idea was taken up for the first time at Wednesday’s Improvement Services Committee meeting.

“The houses around here were built in 1945-1950, so back in those days you only had one vehicle,” said Leanne Cramer who lives on Green Bay’s northwest side.

However, many people now have at least two cars if not more parked in their driveway.

At any point Cramer can have up to five cars at her house, which becomes a problem when overnight parking restrictions kick in from 3 a.m. to 5 a.m.

“My driveway can only technically hold two vehicles,” Cramer says. “We can get a third one across the apron, but anything more than three vehicles, we don't have the capabilities of parking vehicles legally.”

Its neighbors like her who inspired Alderman Mark Steuer to come up with an alternative solution to overnight parking in his district and city wide.

“It’s really strictly looking at parking for folks that don't have room to park but also bring more monies in for licensing and things in that order,” said Steuer.

He's proposing alternate side overnight parking, but neighbors would have to buy a permit.

The generated revenue could go back to the parking utility.

“The good thing about that is if the money would go in there, it would help offset working on maybe a new parking ramp or certain repairs to structures that the parking utility takes care of as well as equipment,” said Steuer.

The proposal is still at the committee level and a study is expected to be conducted to explore alternatives; but neighbors like Cramer say they'd be on board even with a fee.

“I wouldn't mind paying if it was 35-40 dollars whatever, for the permit to allow us to park on the street,” said Cramer.

The city's Operations Director and Parking Manager, Chris Pirlot says he has advocated to maintain off-street overnight parking for several reasons.

Pirlot's concern is enforcement of the alternate side parking because of staffing.

He also says overnight off-street parking allows the city to do plowing and street sweeping operations.

Alternate street parking could also change the aesthetics of Green Bay's streets.

This story has been updated with comments from Green Bay's parking manager.