Green Bay Children's Museum exhibits travel to new location

GREEN BAY, Wis. (WBAY) - Green Bay's Children's Museum is on the move.

On Tuesday, Crews hauled large exhibits from the former downtown location to the new building at 1230 Bay Beach Road.

Children's Museum Event Specialist Heather Heil says it is a little sad to leave behind the old building, but excitement for the new space.

"We are adding green space in front of the building so we have more outdoor space to do some really fun, STEM based learning components with," Heil says.

The downtown museum closed on April 21. The Bay Beach Road location is expected to open on May 17.

Officials say the move will solve lack of parking and lack of room for expansion. The new location has 50 parking spaces and room for buses.

The new museum's focus will be STEM -- Science, Technology, Engineering and Math.