Green Bay Boy Scout leads community through He-Nis-Ra Park

Jackson Salzwedel builds new signs for community to find way through He-Nis-Ra Park.
Jackson Salzwedel builds new signs for community to find way through He-Nis-Ra Park.(WBAY)
Published: Nov. 13, 2019 at 10:40 PM CST
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A local Boy Scout is stepping up and taking the lead to help his community find the right path through a Green Bay Park.

“A lot of people got lost and they didn't know there to go, so this was pretty necessary for the park,” said Jackson Salzwedel, who is part of Troop 1095 in Green Bay.

He has been in Boy Scouts since the first grade and now he's on his way to becoming an Eagle Scout.

“To be an Eagle Scout you have to do an Eagle project, so for my project I re-signed He-Nis-Ra Park. The main signage in here wasn't very good, they were nailed onto the trees and then the trees grew so they become nonexistent,” said Salzwedel.

He worked with the King of Arms Neighborhood Association and the city parks department on the project.

He also had to raise nearly $2,000 for the signs.

“The whole thing was built by hand, we bought the wood from Home Depot and we cut it to length.”

The park is a popular spot for walkers, runners and fat tire bikers.

“One of the best things about these signs is they're kind of on the trail, they're not tucked off into the woods and additionally at night time, they are very well lit. Our helmet lights and bike lights when we ride reflect off of them so you can see exactly where the trail goes,” said Matt Berg, a member of the Titletown Flyers, a biking group in Green Bay.

Members hit the trails on Wednesday after the fresh snowfall.

“The trail’s a little hard today, it’s very challenging, the snow is a little lose so you get a good workout,” said Berg.

Jason Salzwedel, Jackson’s father and Scout Leader, says watching his son and other Boy Scouts take on a project like this one is a rewarding experience.

“There's a proud moment there, they really take on that leadership, I've been their leader since they were 6 and 7 years old and for a lot of them and it's amazing to watch these kids grow up.”

After working on the project, the Boy Scout troop could bring future improvements to the park.

“When we were working with the city on this project, we talked about a couple of other things that could be done,” said Salzwedel. There's some really low spots in the park that are really marshy, it's a wet land so looking at building a boardwalk above the marsh land.”

Jackson says he hopes the new signs will allow more people to enjoy the park.

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