Grand Chute Police hold active shooter training

GRAND CHUTE, Wis. (WBAY) -- In the wake of the shooting attack in Las Vegas last week, police in Northeast Wisconsin are holding active shooter training.

“When you have a tragic event like what happened in Las Vegas, you tend to get a couple more calls from businesses, concerned citizens,” says Officer Travis Waas, Grand Chute Police Department. “'What can I do? What can we do as a business to protect ourselves?’”

That’s why Grand Chute and other police departments across the area are holding active shooter training, to help prepare for a worst case scenario.

“I wouldn't say that you need to be paranoid, that's not what this training is about. It's just bringing the possibility that this could happen to you to the forefront of your mind,” Officer Waas says.

Police use the acronym ADD -- Avoid-Deny-Defend -- to help you remember how to stay safe.

The first step: avoid.

“Avoid the active threat,” Officer Waas says. “Whether it is finding your closest exit, finding an alternate way out. Whether it's an emergency exit. If you have to bust through a window, absolutely.”

The next step: deny.

“Make sure that the shooter, or the attacker, doesn't have access, or easy access,” Officer Waas says. “Lock the doors, that's the easiest way to do it.”

If the doors don’t lock, use a belt to wrap the lever on the door closed. If the doors open inward, use items within the room to create a barricade.

Lastly: defend.

“You have the right to defend yourself,” Officer Waas says. “If it's using a chair, a pen, a fire extinguisher, whatever it may be. Use it.”

When you’ve reached a safe place, call 911. If there isn’t time for a conversation, call 911 on speaker phone, yelling out descriptions of your attacker and location.

When police arrive, follow their directions. They will likely ask everyone to show their palms, or lay on the floor.