Governor Walker heads to White House, hears president's infrastructure plan

WASHINGTON (WBAY) -- To start the week off, President Donald Trump unveiled his long-awaited infrastructure plan to the public.

The 53-page document lays out a vision to turn $200 billion federal dollars into $1.5 trillion by leveraging local and state tax dollars and private investments.

Under the plan, the funding would be split up into three primary channels:

  • $100 billion would be divided as incentives for local government entities

  • $20 billion would go toward projects of “national significance”

  • $50 billion is being held for rural block grants, e.g. state money spent on transportation, broadband, water, waste and power projects

  • The rest of the money would support infrastructure-related projects

On Monday, President Trump met with a handful of Republican governors at the White House, including Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, to build support for this infrastructure proposal.

Gov. Walker referenced the $1.6 billion Interstate 94 project, calling it a “good example” of work between federal, state and local governments.

“The state, most recently in our budget, put about a quarter of a million dollars on top of all the money that's been spent up until now,” Walker says. “And we think that through the help of the federal government, with the infrastructure for America funding, that we can finish off the rest.”

Democrats are critical of the proposal, saying the plan would raise tolls on commuters, increase the burden on cities and states, and sell essential infrastructure to Wall Street.

Democrats have countered with their own proposal, which entails $1 trillion in additional federal spending.

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