Gov. Walker visits Neenah High School under heavy security

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NEENAH, Wis. (WBAY) - Tip continue to pour in as the nationwide manhunt for Joseph Jakubowski continues. The Wisconsin Lottery is now helping in the search, and political officials are taking steps to keep themselves and their constituents safe.

Authorities believe Jakubowski stole 18 firearms from a Janesville gun shop last week. The burglary came at the same time Jakubowski sent a 161-page manifesto to President Trump threatening attacks on schools, churches and public officials.

As the search for Jakubowski intensifies, the Wisconsin Lottery is now plastering his picture on retail terminals in stores across the state. Clerks at gas stations and grocery stores received an alert to be on the lookout for the man believed to be armed and dangerous.

That alert came out as word spread from Governor Scott Walker's office that he would be keeping his public appearance schedule private, because of the possible threat Jakubowski presents.

According to Walker, "We just don't want our schedule out in advance not so much for me, but for others. I don't want to put anyone else at risk figuring if that's not noticed in advance that doesn't make us or anyone else a target."

The governor's visit to Neenah High School Thursday morning, the first of his administration, where he talked with students about his budget proposal and investing in K through 12 education, was made under tight security. An extra police presence as well as the governor's security detail were visible at the event. It's something the district was asked to plan for.

"We were very comfortable with the security that we had set up and like I said, it was boosted just a bit. And we never saw any credible threats out there, that anything was going to happen more than any other typical Governor visit," says Jim Strick from the Neenah Joint School District.

Despite the climate, Gov. Walker says he will continue to do as he refuses to be deterred by the Jakubowski threat.

Walker adds, "I'm not going to stop my schedule. I'm not going to stop talking to the public. I'm not going to let anyone threaten me from that regard, but I'm also not going to put anyone at any undue risk."

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