Governor Evers travels state, urging lawmakers to address farm crisis

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MANITOWOC, Wis. (WBAY)- One day after his second State of the State address, Governor Evers spent the day touring the state to urge support for his plan to tackle the farm crisis.

However for any of those Democratic bills to move forward, they will need Republican votes.

With the Farm Discovery Center in the background Governor Evers once again addressed the state's farm crisis, re-iterating his message from Wednesday night's State of the State speech, and adding he took further action just after that.

"I signed an executive order telling the legislature to come into special session next Tuesday the 28th of January to begin talking about these challenges,' Evers said.

However the top Republican in the Assembly, Speaker Robin Vos, responded Thursday in a statement saying, "The Assembly will not be on the floor next week," and that, "The bills will be referred to committee and hearings will be held. We're currently reviewing the legislation and gathering input from farmers, including farmers from our own caucus."

Over in the Senate at least one Republican says he's anxious to see what the bills at least entail.

"None of us know, any details on that, we'll have to see what that would be, because there's no question our agriculture economy is suffering, so perhaps we can do a little bit there, to make a difference," said Senator Robert Cowles, of Green Bay.

In response, the Governor added, "At the end of the day there's an urgency here. So assuming, just assigning it to a committee is going to solve the problem we need action from the legislature so if they assign it to that committee, those committees need to do that work and get it out, so we have votes and get it to the farmers."

Action 2 News did ask the governor whether he's had any direct conversations with Republican leadership on this initiative.

He tells us, not since the State of the State address, but meetings are scheduled.