Gov. Walker takes on critics with beer and cheese curd tweets

Published: Jul. 7, 2017 at 9:42 AM CDT
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It's not quite President Donald Trump body-slamming CNN, but Gov. Scott Walker is now using Twitter to take on critics of his social media posts.

On Thursday, the governor tweeted a photo of a can of Miller Lite, "For those in the liberal media who don't like my Instagram, Facebook or Twitter, I have one simple response: Can I get you a beer?"

The governor appears to be responding to an

Writer Ashley Feinberg said she found Walker's Instagram posts mundane. She takes particular issue with his ham and cheese sandwich posts.

Those who follow Gov. Walker know he regularly eats ham and cheese sandwiches for lunch. "Brown bag" lunch events were part of his campaign to be elected governor.

The governor fired off two more salvos:

"How about some cheese curds with your beer?"

He then tweeted a photo of New Glarus, Leinenkugel's and Wisconsin Brewing Co. beers saying "Don't like drinking beer from a can? How about a bottle of one of these? #Chill"

He also retweeted his son Alex, who posted ".@ScottWalker: 'When they give me the middle finger, I reply with two thumbs up.' #KillThemWithKindness"

However, some Twitter users took issue with the governor's first choice of Miller Lite.

Mark Rechtin‏ (@MarkRechtin) tweeted, "You are from a state with some of the greatest independent breweries in the world, and you offer me this? Delete your account."

d_mcc‏ (@d_mccarthy37) tweeted, "You live in a state responsible for @newglarusbeer and you still drink Miller Lite?"