Gov. Evers releases new virus proposals

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MADISON, Wis. (AP) - Gov. Tony Evers has released a second sweeping package of proposals in reaction to the COVID-19 pandemic for the Legislature to take up.

Republican leaders have been negotiating with Evers and said hours before he released the measures Wednesday that they have yet to reach a deal.

The latest Evers proposals come after he floated a $700 million package last week that Republicans rejected.

In the latest proposal, Evers wants to increase funding for Medicaid providers, create a reinsurance program to reduce health insurance premiums and provide grants for food assistance and meal delivery, among other things.

He also wants to increase tax cuts for poor families and waive interest and penalties on delinquent property taxes.

Republicans haven’t said when the Legislature will come back to debate a bill, but it could be as soon as next week.

The latest Marquette Law School poll shows a wide majority of Wisconsin residents support Gov. Evers’ handling of the coronavirus pandemic so far, including his orders to shut down schools and businesses.

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