Gov. Evers asks FEMA to review July storm damage in Wisconsin

Published: Aug. 2, 2019 at 4:53 PM CDT
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Gov. Tony Evers is asking FEMA to come to Wisconsin to look at the damage from the tornadoes and storms on July 19 and July 20.

Seventeen storms hit the state in that two-day span, including six in Northeast Wisconsin, and winds reaching 100 miles per hour added to the damage.

The governor is looking to request federal aid for the local governments that are cleaning up in 19 counties and the tribal lands of the Menominee Indian Tribe and St. Croix Chippewa.

The focus here is on damage on public lands. A statement from the governor's office reads, "FEMA will not be assessing damage to individual homes, cabins or businesses. Much of the reported damage by individuals is either covered by insurance or would not qualify for federal disaster assistance, such as downed trees on private property."

The governor's office says the price tag for the storm is currently more than $14 million for emergency services, debris removal, and damage to electrical equipment owned by municipal and rural co-ops.

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