Gold Cross Ambulance works to decrease response time to cardiac calls

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FOX VALLEY, Wis. (WBAY) When someone is having a heart attack, every second matters. Every minute in cardiac arrest, without hands-only CPR, makes a person 10% less likely to survive. Gold Cross Ambulance is trying to get a patient help before an ambulance arrives.

When a call comes in, an ambulance responds, but sometimes an off-duty paramedic is closer and can get to a patient in cardiac arrest faster to begin CPR immediately. That's where the Pulse Point application for a smart phone, comes in.

Gold Cross Ambulance recently expanded the use of the app, which has been available for the general public to be notified of a cardiac arrest incident in a public place for more than a year, to now alert off duty paramedics about an incident, in a home, within a quarter mile of their location.

According to Nick Romenesko with Gold Cross, "Typically in the past, when our paramedics are off duty, if there was a cardiac arrest next door they wouldn't even know about it until either the ambulance, police officer or first responders would arrive. But now with this application they're able to be notified of the cardiac arrest at the time of the 911 call."

And in instances where seconds and minutes matter - pulse point could be lifesaving. Paramedic Troy Carpenter adds, "If an ambulance takes ten minutes to get to the call, there's a pretty low chance of survival that's why it's pretty important to teach hands only CPR and be able to provide it."

Tom Nicholson is a Gold Cross Ambulance paramedic. He responded to a Pulse Point alert, on his day off, about a month ago.

"All of a sudden, my phone kind of vibrated, I looked down at it and I'd never had that alert before and I looked down at it an it said CPR needed and I looked at the address and I'm like 'oh geez' that's like one street over," recalls Nicholson.

While the patient in that call, unfortunately, passed away, Nicholson firmly believes in the pulse point app and its purpose.

He says, "I think the app is amazing. Especially for us who are verified first responders and everything, providing lifesaving interventions early, the earlier you can provide them, the better."