Give BIG Green Bay to benefit 31 area nonprofit organizations

GREEN BAY, Wis. (WBAY) - UPDATE: The donations are in and Give Big Green Bay campaign raised $800,560 for 31 non-profit groups.

Ben's Wish meal packages get distributed to various schools in the Green Bay area

In its first 10 hours, the Give BIG Green Bay online campaign passed $600,000 in donations for 31 local non-profit groups. That far exceeds the $250,000 the Green Bay Packers offered in matching funds for the area's first-of-its-kind crowdfunding campaign.

"All 31 organizations are out in the community doing events and doing promotions through social media, through on-the-ground sort of media efforts to raise awareness and create that swell of pride that will hopefully translate into the important support for the work they are doing every day," Dennis Buehler, president/CEO of Greater Green Bay Community Foundation said.

The campaign ends at noon Wednesday. Click here for the Give BIG Green Bay web site



Tuesday is the launch of Give BIG Green Bay, the first online, community-wide giving day in Brown County benefiting nonprofit agencies in the area. The event is a partnership between The Greater Green Bay Community Foundation and The Packers Foundation.

Donations made online during Give BIG Green Bay, which launches Tuesday at noon, will be matched by Green Bay’s favorite team.

"Every contribution that's made at to either one or many organizations will be put into a matching pool that the Packers have created for us. They gave a $250,000 grant to launch this program, of which at least $215,000 will be put into that pool," said Dennis Buehler, president and CEO of The Greater Green Bay Community Foundation.

The community will have 24 hours to make donations to 31 nonprofit organizations in the area.

"They represent everything, from homelessness to hunger to human services to art and culture, and it represents the vast majority of the work that nonprofits are doing in this community," said Buehler.

Heritage Hill State Historical Park is one of 13 organizations under the "education" category.

"For school kids they don't see history in a book, they come here and they see it become alive right before their eyes, they get to see it, they get to hear it, they taste it, for example at the Belgian farm they will make butter," said Debbie Ashmann, fundraising events manager for Heritage Hill Foundation.

Donations will help Heritage Hill sponsor field trip fees for students and other educational needs.

Ben’s Wish, another nonprofit, fights food insecurity for students in the Green Bay area.

"Really the goal is to help these students that are in these positions unfortunately to be able to be productive and active in their lifestyle and be able to succeed,” said Peter Delain, co-founder of Ben’s Wish.

Donations to Ben's Wish will go toward buying fruit and healthier options for students in the Green Bay area. Delain says a $100 donation feeds a student for an entire school year.

"It's a way for really the whole family to get involved, a way for the whole office to get involved, and a way to really foster incredible community pride," said Buehler.

To learn more about Give BIG Green Bay and its nonprofit partners, go to

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