Get 2 the Point: Titletown Tech (with slideshow)

Published: Jun. 14, 2019 at 2:34 PM CDT
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It’s a start-up for start-ups. Titletown Tech is that large building under the Titletown sign, right in the Titletown District. A handful of people are working there now, as the building is still under construction, but business is already underway.

Craig Dickman is the Managing Director of Titletown Tech. He started Breakthrough Fuel 15 years ago, a successful fuel management company for shipping and transportation. A little more than five years ago, Dickman, along with other community leaders, was approached for input about a new idea by Ed Policy, now the Packers Chief Operating Officer. Titletown Tech was born.

“Right now 75% of all private equity and venture money goes to Boston, New York and Silicon Valley. And clearly not 75% of great ideas are there, 75% of all great talent isn’t there. So what’s happening is we are seeing too often if people want to build something, and they are looking for talent resources and capital, they go to where they think talent, resources and capital is.”

Dickman says Titletown Tech will attract people from all walks of life, who will have a passion for value and a drive for creating something for a particular marketplace. Titletown Tech can potentially lead them through various avenues including capital dollars, team support like legal, accounting and technical support, as well as connections with higher education.

For those who come with a raw idea, Dickman says you may be invited to “Beer with the Council.” Think a Green Bay twist on the television show “Shark Tank.” It’s all part of a concentrated effort to get good ideas off the ground, right here at home.

“We have this incredible beacon called the Green Bay Packers which puts us in a global marketplace very, very quickly.”

Hear more about the plans for Titletown Tech to impact the community, in our Get 2 the Point Podcast with Craig Dickman.

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