Get 2 the Point: Ron & Debbie Ross remember their son, CPL Justin Ross

Ron and Debbie Ross hold a drawn portrait of their son, Corporal Justin Ross, who died in Afghanistan in 2011 (WBAY photo)
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Justin Ross was a local high school student, a son, and a brother who joined the Army Reserves in 2006, before he even graduated from Bay Port High School. Corporal Ross died serving our country in Afghanistan in 2011, a story covered extensively by Action 2 News in the days and months that followed. Justin Ross was 22. CPL Ross was given a military funeral in Green Bay, and received full military honors and burial at Arlington National Cemetery.

In the years that followed, Action 2 News told you about a walking trail in Howard, the De Pere post office and a monument at Bay Port High School, all paying respects to this local son.

In this Get 2 the Point episode, we talked with Justin’s parents, Ron and Debbie Ross. The Rosses tell us how Justin always loved playing cowboy as a little boy. “He was always the sheriff,” says Ron. As Justin grew up, he admired those in civil or military service. “It really wasn’t a surprise when he came home from high school his junior year and started talking about the (Army) recruiter being there. He came home saying that’s what he was going to do.”

Justin did join the Army Reserves, and his unit was deployed to Afghanistan in 2010 as part of Operation Enduring Freedom. Justin’s group did a dangerous job, clearing the path for the troops behind them. But his parents say he loved what he did and didn’t share much of the danger. Debbie says, “He was like, ‘Don’t worry, Mom and Dad, we got this.’”

His parents want Justin always remembered as brave. Hear more from Ron and Debbie Ross in this week’s Get 2 the Point podcast.

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