SLIDESHOW: Get 2 the Point: George Graphos, retired but inspired!

George Graphos stands on the StormCenter 2 weather set at WBAY-TV studios (WBAY photo)


It’s been 2 years since George Graphos retired as Chief Meteorologist at WBAY-TV. After 32, years George stepped down from his full-time gig here, but he’s hardly slowed down.

Here’s the evidence: George Graphos held his “artist opening” this week. That’s right, George is showing off his photographs. Paintings, and digital skills through art. This week he had a private showing at a gallery, Ver di Gris Interior Design in Suamico.

“I used to talk with Brad (Spakowitz) all the time, and I used to say, 'Oh, someday when I have more time, I’m going to do this or going to do that.’ So that has now sort of emerged a lot more, and I’m doing more with it, whether it’s watercolor or whether it’s photography or some type of photo manipulation or change of imagery. I’m really enjoying it. But now I have the time to do it.”

George still gets viewers approaching him when he’s in the community, and he appreciates it. People initially questioned him what he was going to do with his free time. He’s had no problem filling it with books, travel and art. He has fond memories of his time at WBAY, saying “did it ever fly by! I mean really people always talk about that, whether it’s looking at your kids or whatever. But it really, really flew by.”

Hear more stories from George Graphos in this week’s Get 2 the Point podcast, and view the slideshow of his artist opening on Thursday night below!

Former StormCenter 2 chief meteorologist George Graphos' artwork is displayed at Ver di Gris Interior Design in Suamico during a private event July 25 (WBAY photo)