Get 2 the Point: Chuck Ramsay, legendary news anchor

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He was the face of WBAY-TV for more than 30 years, and he’s been retired since 2002. But we still get the question, "How is Chuck Ramsay?" We are happy to report he is doing well, living in Brown County with his wife of 62 years, Georgia.

Chuck Ramsay was born in Cheboygan, Michigan, and grew up in Dearborn, near Detroit. He entered the Navy shortly after high school. A couple of years later, Chuck went to a friend’s wedding in Minnesota and met a guy who was working as a sportscaster at a Rochester television station. He watched the show one night and was intrigued. Chuck ended up in school in Minneapolis for broadcasting.

Chuck worked in both radio and television in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, meeting Georgia along the way. The couple initially came to Green Bay in the mid-1960’s for a job at another station in town. Chuck ended up applying at WBAY-TV when a position for a farm director opened up. That position didn’t quite work out, but Chuck ended up in the sports department doing whatever was needed.

But life in TV didn’t last. Chuck became a salesman for an archery business for a couple of years. WBAY came calling again, and he went back to work in television -- temporarily. Chuck’s love of the outdoors and bow hunting surfaced again when a place near Mercer, Wisconsin, came up for sale. "There was a resort for sale up there, so I talked to Georgia and I said, ‘Let’s get out of this business, and let’s buy a resort.' She never says no. She said, "Let’s do it." The Ramsays spent two more years running the resort for bear hunting.

But WBAY came calling -- again -- in 1971, and the third time proved to be the charm. This time they wanted Chuck Ramsay to be a news anchor. "News anchor? I thought, 'What is that?' I had never heard the term before."

Chuck Ramsay spent 31 years as news anchor, telling stories from around Wisconsin to Iraq to Alaska. In our Get 2 the Point podcast, Chuck talks about some of the stories that affected him and his unique sense of storytelling... that sometimes got him in trouble!

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Chuck and Georgia Ramsay
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