Get 2 the Point: A new normal for Kristyn Allen and family (with slideshow)

Kristyn Allen with her husband Greg and daughters Brielle, Bailey and Braelyn
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This spring, we shared the story of our Action 2 News This Morning reporter Kristyn Allen. She and her husband Greg welcomed twins last December, joining big sister Bailey. After a healthy pregnancy and normal delivery, the babies became very sick over the winter with RSV—a very contagious virus that can severely affect the respiratory tract of children. Braelyn and Brielle got progressively sicker, and they ended up at Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin. Braelyn needed intensive treatment for several weeks.

Kristyn has always been very upfront about their struggles, and she also is very positive and open—knowing her story could help others. She and Greg share more of their story in our Get 2 the Point podcast, where they also talk about issues like fertility. They underwent fertility treatments for their older daughter Bailey, and also for the pregnancy that resulted in their twins, which came as a little bit of a shock. As Greg tells it, “We went in to do the ultrasound, and the doctor is looking and he’s like ‘one, two”-- and I almost fell out of my chair---I was like “You better stop!” I was like, Are we really having twins?!?!”

Kristyn’s pregnancy and delivery was very healthy and without complications. Braelyn and Brielle arrived just before Christmas. But in the first few weeks, Braelyn caught a respiratory virus that sent her to the doctor, where they discovered a heart murmur, from a hole in her heart. In early February, both girls ended up in the hospital, with RSV, another respiratory virus. The next few weeks were a blur, as the girls were taken to Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin.

Kristyn talks candidly about what got her through those difficult days, including a conversation with a deacon from her church. “I said, ‘I don’t know why God let this happen.’ And he said, ‘God didn’t let this happen, he’s seeing you through it.’ He’s like, ‘Look for God in the good.'” Kristyn says she challenged herself to do just that. “And you know what?” she said, "He was everywhere.” Kristyn says the support her family received was incredible.

We are happy to report the girls are settled in, back at home with big sister Bailey. Kristyn is back reporting the news for Action 2 News This Morning, and her husband Greg is juggling his freelance work as they find a new normal, parenting three children including one with continuing medical concerns.

Listen to our Get 2 the Point podcast for more about Kristyn and Greg’s story.

Kristyn says, "Bailey (the oldest daughter) always had a shirt that says 'I'm proof God answers prayers' because of our fertility struggles. Now they all have one, and Braelyn's has dual meaning."