Get 2 the Point: What's next as Appleton mayor steps down

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On April 7, voters in the city of Appleton will elect a new mayor, the first new one in 24 years. When the mayor-elect is sworn in on April 21, current mayor Tim Hanna will find himself out of that job.

Our Get 2 the Point podcast conversation with Mayor Hanna continues this week, as Hanna looks back at his career in government. Hanna came into office in 1996 after an election that ended up in court. He wasn’t sworn in for more than seven months as the incumbent mayor continued in the office.

Hanna recalls that some people were not happy to have him in office, so for the first couple of weeks, he conducted one-on-one meetings with staff and city council members. He asked each person about expectations.

“My expectations weren’t that high. Just be honest with me. Tell me the truth.“ Hanna said he needed to establish trust and relationships. It turns out, when you ask him now about his greatest accomplishments as mayor, he doesn’t point to a building or a project. He talks about people and a culture with city employees that he thinks the next mayor would not want to change.

“You can walk around city hall. And the people who work for the city? They are proud to work for the city. They have a smile on their face. They treat people the right way. But more importantly, they know why they come to work. They know what we are trying to accomplish. They know what their role is in the bigger picture. “

Mayor Hanna has long focused on strategic planning and best practices. After he leaves the mayor’s office, his new part-time position as executive director of the Local Government Institute will allow Hanna to lead other communities in those areas.

Hear more from Appleton Mayor Tim Hanna about his future, and his lessons from the past, in this week’s Get 2 the Point podcast.

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