Germs are not taking a vacation this summer

DE PERE, Wis. (WBAY) - It's officially summer and while a lot of us are getting out and about, there are plenty of people feeling a little under the weather. Doctors in the area are seeing viral illnesses going around.

A sick woman blowing her nose, Photo Date: 2/13/2015 / Photo: Pixabay / (MGN)

“Lately what we've been noticing is a lot of viral type illnesses, like I was telling you before, my son, he actually acquired a viral infection, he's been out for 3 days from camp, he had a fever, sore throat, upset stomach, a little bit of a headache and some body aches as well,” said Doctor Stephen Cruz, Physician with Bellin Hospital.

Doctor Cruz said as long as it's consistent with what you've had in the past and is only a few days, you can treat the symptoms but maybe lay low until you're better.

“Make sure you take your son and daughter our of summer school or summer camp because that's what's going to sustain the infection that's what's going to keep it around for a long time as we keep passing it around to other people,” said Doctor Cruz.

A long flu season, Doctor Cruz said, might be the reason some of the viral illnesses crossed over into summer. His advice as you're out this summer, maybe even traveling, is to practice infection protection.

“Our cold/flu season and the ones down in the southern hemisphere are two totally different things, and so those people may be coming up and getting exposed to us, and we acquire it and we kind of pass it around so again that's infection control, when you get sick, off to the side with you, hang out for a few days, and then join the pack again once you're feeling good,” said Doctor Cruz.