George Burch appealing orders to pay restitution to VanderHeyden's family

BROWN COUNTY, Wis. (WBAY) - Convicted killer George Burch intends to appeal orders that he pay restitution to the family of vicitm Nicole VanderHeyden.

On March 26, Burch's attorneys filed a notice of intent to pursue post-conviction relief in the restitution case. It was filed in Brown County Circuit Court.

Burch is serving a life prison sentence for murdering VanderHeyden, a mother of three from Ledgeview. Her body was found in a field in Bellevue in 2016. The state said Burch raped and killed her after she rejected his advances.

On Feb. 13, Judge John Zakowski signed orders for Burch to pay more than $37,000 in restitution to VanderHeyden's family.

The judge awarded $23,405.01 to Douglass Detrie, Nicole's boyfriend and the father of one of her children.

The judge awarded Detrie $2,360 for losses and expenses; $3,461.04 in lost wages during Burch's trial, when Detrie was sequestered; and $17,583.97 for counseling and associated costs.

Judge Zakowski also awarded $6,223 to VanderHeyden's mother, who requested that amount for lost wages and the cost of her daughter's headstone.

The judge awarded $2,440.35 to VanderHeyden's sister and $1,224 to her brother-- amounts they requested for lost wages.

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Burch was ordered to pay an additional $4,526.78 to the Wisconsin Crime Victim Compensation Fund.

Judge Zakowski noted that Burch is serving life in prison and lacks financial resources or income, so he's leaving it to the state Department of Corrections to decide how Burch will pay the restitution.

"Trial counsel was originally appointed by the State Public Defender and the financial circumstances of George S. Burch have not materially improved since the date of such appointment and the initial determination of eligibility," reads the motion for post conviction relief filed March 26.

This filing is separate from Burch's appeal of his murder conviction. That case is currently in Court of Appeals District 3. His attorney has been granted several extensions to file briefs in the appeal, which are now due on June 3.


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