G'day Grand Chute! Police have fun with kangaroo sighting

GRAND CHUTE, Wis. (WBAY) - G'day, Grand Chute. A possible kangaroo sighting in the city sent police on a wild marsupial chase Monday.

"Just dispatched to a possible kangaroo (yes, you read that correctly) crossing the footbridge over I-41," reads a tweet by Grand Chute Police. "Yup. It's Monday."

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We don't come from a land down under, but officers had to check it out.


Officers wandered the bush and thicket looking for signs of the joey, but were unsuccessful. It would appear that the kangaroo had...

Wait for it.

Hopped along," reads another tweet.

In response, WBAY staff offered this advice: "Did you guys check Outback Steakhouse?"

"And iHop!" Grand Chute Police replied.

The department followed up with a photo of CSO Davis with a large net and small animal carrier.

"CSO Davis isn't taking any chances. He may need a bigger cage though. #KangarooWatch."

Nearby Special Memories Zoo in Greenville confirmed that the roo is not one of their animals. In 2015, a baby kangaroo was roo-napped from the zoo. It never turned up.

"If anyone hears a report of a kangaroo loose on Highway 41 by the Timber Rattlers, it is not one of ours! Ours are all safe and happy in their pen!" reads a Facebook post.

Grand Chute Police say they'll keep an eye on the area.