Gather on Broadway hosts women empowerment event

Published: Apr. 28, 2019 at 9:41 PM CDT
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“Women need to come into their own and understand how powerful, beautiful, inspiring and magical they really are,” Keynote Speaker Victoria Valentino said.

After being assaulted by Bill Cosby, Victoria Valentino, hid her attack for 48 years.

“These are things we don’t talk about,” Valentino said. “We brush off the dust and we throw ourselves back in the ring and we put on a good face, but that pain is still there and we learn to work around it."

But now she's speaking to women about overcoming obstacles and being the woman they were born to be.

Valentino was the keynote speaker at Gather the Girls: A Toast to You.

A celebration of women empowerment and safety.

Rich and Charlen Larsen traveled from Norway to introduce their bSafe app during the event.

“My daughter Charlen, was assaulted six years ago and based on her attack we tried to find solutions on how it could’ve been prevented,” App Creator Rich Larsen said.

Through the app you can enable your voice to send a signal to loved ones if you are in danger.

“They can see your location, check you and they can see everything that’s happening in your location from live streaming,” said Larsen.

“It’s very inspiring and I think the app is very important for both boys and girls,” App Creator and Sexual Assault Survivor Charlen Larsen said.

Many women were able to present their struggles in life, something Valentino said is helpful for all women.