‘Gags’ clown movie premieres in Green Bay

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GREEN BAY, Wis. (WBAY) -- About two years ago, Action 2 News began reporting on a series of creepy clown pictures that were taken in Green Bay, starting with a query on Facebook.

August 2, 2016 at 9:29 AM ·
CREEPY! He's more Pennywise than Ronald McDonald. Someone spotted this mysterious clown out and about in Green Bay. Do any of you know the back story here?

The clown would become known as "Gags."

Eventually, similar reports of creepy, lurking clowns were seen across the state, country, and even the world. But all that was just the beginning.

“We shot a really fun, cool feature film right here in Green Bay,” says co-writer, director and creator of “Gags,” Adam Krause.

It’s not often a feature-length movie is shot right here in Titletown – and the line outside the Meyer Theater Wednesday night makes that apparent.

Fans of all sorts, even some in costume, turned out for the “Gags” premiere.

“I like Gags a lot. I really like clowns. I was fascinated with the haunted house. I was fascinated with the mask itself,” says a woman dressed in a clown costume, referring to herself as Gigglez Klown. “I'm like his girlfriend, but he doesn't know it yet.”

The fascination started when “Gags” creator Adam Krause released a series of creepy clown pictures back in 2016. The photos went viral and became a great jumping off point for a feature film.

“I think it needed to be made in Green Bay because of the craziness that happened when I released those pictures,” Krause says. “Like, Gags just became the Green Bay clown.”

After a short film was released, Krause decided it was time to create another “Gags” film, this time a feature film. In May of 2017, crews took to the City of Green Bay to begin shooting.

“95 percent of the film was shot in Green Bay. People who see the film are going to recognize a lot of locations,” Krause explains.

While “Gags” is meant to be a scary movie, Krause says it really shows that your dreams are possible, even here in Green Bay.

“Any aspiring filmmakers out there who think they have to move to LA or New York City to be a filmmaker, you don't,” Krause says. “There's a ton of talented people all over the country who are willing to make films.”

“Gags” is set to screen again on October 20 at the Twin Cities Film Festival in Minnesota.

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