GRAPHIC: Girl who is a refugee says bullying escalated into school bus attack

KATY, Texas (KTRK/CNN) - Video shows a teen appearing to repeatedly punch someone on the back of a school bus.

Michell Carvajal says she was attacked on a school bus after bullying over her refugee status escalated. (Source: KTRK via CNN)

Michell Carvajal says she was the one that was hit and that the girl who hit her bullied her because she’s a refugee from Venezuela.

“She would say like, ‘Go back to your country. Speak English. We don’t want you here. If you’re going to be here, talk in English,’” Michell said.

Two weeks ago, it escalated into physical violence.

Michell says it started when the girl picked on a friend, who was speaking Spanish.

“I told her, ‘What is your problem? You don’t have to be rude just because we’re Latino. We have the same rights as you.’ That’s when she started hitting me,” Michell said.

Michell says she was left with bruises and bumps on her head, but it's the emotional wounds that are still healing.

"When I go to bed, I go crying. I can’t even sleep. I call my mom, ‘Come sleep with me because I’m scared,’” Michell said.

Michell didn’t ride the bus again until two weeks after the attack happened.

“I was shaking. I was sweating. My hands are sweating right now,” Michell said.

Those with Katy Independent School District say the student has been punished and sent a statement saying in part:

“Any behaviors that may threaten the safety of any child are not tolerated. As such, students determined to be involved in such activity face swift disciplinary consequences.”

Their police investigated and sent the case over to the district attorney’s office, and prosecutors determined charges weren't warranted.

As for Michell, she's glad she took the bus home. It was a sense of relief as she works to move forward and heal.

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