Furnace techs busy with cold snap

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(WBAY photo)(WBAY)
Published: Nov. 12, 2019 at 5:00 PM CST
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People in Northeast Wisconsin are scrambling to make sure their homes stay warm during this mid-November cold snap.

Not even two-thirds of the way through fall, the reality is it feels like January.

"We just kind of came out of the cooling season. Doesn't seem like that long ago, but yeah, all of a sudden it's heating season, and it's real and it's here and it's now," Shannon Beyersdorf with Bay Area Services Heating & Cooling said.

It means long hours for crews at Bay Area Services.

"There's five service techs running around fixing everything, and we're also installing furnaces as we go here, too, and I have four crews doing that," Beyersdorf said. "Been very busy, phones been ringing off the hook."

In charge of dispatching crews, Beyersdorf says the calls are a combination of homeowners wanting an immediate furnace tune-up and others with furnace problems.

"Furnaces will stop because they think it's not working properly."

Beyersdorf says a few, simple preventive steps can help you avoid the big chill in your home.

First, make sure to replace your furnace filter at least once a year.

"Your furnace can't breath with a dirty filter, so it goes out on you."

Second, "Making sure your intake and exhaust pipes are clear outside," he said. "Don't have piles of leaves around them right now. Kind of got the leaves, and then obviously when the snow comes, too. You've got to make sure it's clear around the vent pipes."

For the long-term reliability of your furnace, an annual tune-up is strongly advised.

"Every manufacturer recommends it. It's going to prolong the life of your furnace and help you from having problems in the future."

We checked with some area companies and the average cost they quoted us for a furnace tune-up was between $100 and $125.

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