Funeral Homes offer new ways to say goodbye to loved ones amid pandemic

Published: May. 20, 2020 at 3:06 PM CDT
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The COVID-19 pandemic has changed a lot of aspects of our lives, including how we say goodbye to loved ones.

Last week Huehns Funeral Home in Sturgeon Bay helped organize a 'drive-by' salute for an American Hero to encourage healthy social distancing.

"So that Joe's family would have that chance to see people participating with them and say goodbye," said Todd Huehns, director of Huehns Funeral Home.

A few weeks ago, Huehns held a social-distancing funeral service via Facebook.

"We have the technology to zoom in pastors from a different location, with the family here to have the service so all the family members around the country can participate and watch through a zoom meeting and then Facebook live for everyone else," said Huehns.

Huehns said just like everyone else, they've had to adapt its services for family's mourning the deaht of a loved one.

"Now that we don't have our gatherings, our public events, I can see how meaningful it is when we do have it. So when we don't have it, it's very evident that the families are just kind of lost, waiting and planning 3-4 months out hopefully they can have their service," said Huehns.

Huehns said he has about a dozen or so families already scheduling bigger gatherings this fall.

"It's non traditional, but they are appreciative there is an alternative to involve others and the rest of their family from a distance," said Huehns.

Huehns said they will continue using Zoom and Facebook to provide services to grieving families.

He said it's important to keep everyone safe, including staff members with proper protective gear and protocols, while honoring the lift of a loved one.

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