Friends of Kevin "Hollywood" Hein react to arrest in Neenah bar shooting

Published: Nov. 9, 2019 at 10:46 PM CST
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After nearly a month of investigation, Neenah police arrested a man in connection with Kevin “Hollywood” Hein’s murder. Hein was killed during an armed robbery of the Short Branch Saloon on Oct. 14.

Police announced the arrest of a Menasha man, 36-year-old Casey Cameron, Friday evening.

Some of Hein’s longtime friends see the arrest as a big step toward justice for Hollywood.

Some of those friends spent their Saturday at Jimmer’s Bar in Dale, which is a place many regulars associate with Hollywood.

“I met him right here in this bar oh 15 plus years, maybe 20 years ago,” said Dan Schmadl, a friend of Hollywood.

It’s where hundreds gathered a few weeks ago to honor Hollywood’s memory with a motorcade (


But this weekend’s news provided some of Hollywood’s friends with newfound relief.

“It was really good news as far as I’m concerned,” said Bob “Broadway” Polsin, another longtime friend of Hollywood.

Broadway had started to wonder if anyone would be arrested in connection to his friend’s murder.

“I was very concerned,” said Broadway. “I thought maybe the person was out of state or something and completely got away.”

But when Broadway heard Neenah police arrested Cameron, he was thankful.

“I give [Neenah police] all the credit in the world for finding somebody like this,” said Broadway.

Chad Bungert went to the same high school as Cameron. Bungert didn’t know Cameron well, but was surprised by the news.

“A lot went through my head,” said Bungert. “But, yeah, it was shocking being from a small town.”

For some of Hollywood’s friends, the arrest only brings a small amount of satisfaction.

“I think everybody that I know that’s in our group, we’re all satisfied with the fact that he got caught, but we still have a hole that’s never going to be filled,” said Schmadl.

But while others agree the loss will always be felt, they hope the arrest will lead to some sense of closure.

“In a way, I mean we can’t replace Hollywood, we can’t bring him back,” said Broadway. “But maybe this will help us get by with it knowing there will be some justice.”

Cameron is expected to appear in court next week, that’s when the criminal complaint should be filed which will provide more details. Neenah Police are asking the district attorney to charge Cameron with first-degree intentional homicide, robbery, and first-degree recklessly endangering safety.

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