Freedom School District hopes taxpayers pass $66.7 million referendum Tuesday

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FREEDOM, Wis. (WBAY-TV) The Freedom School District hopes taxpayer support gets a $66.7 million referendum passed next week.

Officials want to renovate school buildings and construct a brand new high school and athletic fields.

The referendum also calls for an additional $740,000 in future operational fees.

It will cost individuals hundreds of dollars more each year in property taxes ($272 for $100,000 home).

Freedom's district administrator Kevin Kilstofte says the referendum addresses the need for increased safety and security and modern learning spaces.

"I don't think you can make a better investment with where the interest rates are right now for building a public school." Kilstofte said. “You kick the can down the road a little bit too far and you know hindsight's 20-20."

Kilstofte says while Freedom's enrollment is stable space is at a premium.

Gary Kempen has been living in freedom for 66 years and plans to vote "no" next Tuesday.

"I don't see where they justify on the needs of enrollment,” Kempen said. “I mean they present it that they need this little bit, that little bit, this needs to be tweaked, yeah go ahead and tweak them."

Bob Weyenberg who's called freedom home for 82 years says this referendum makes sense for the city.

"If we don't upgrade we're going to be, have second rate schools and the choice of which school you want to go to,” Weyenberg said. “They'll take a school for better education for sports and everything else."