Foxconn's potential impact for northeast Wisconsin counties

Published: Jul. 27, 2017 at 4:44 PM CDT
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The announcement of a Taiwanese company's plan to invest $10 billion in the Milwaukee area had us wondering about the impact here in northeast Wisconsin.

Technology company Foxconn is known as the largest assembler of iPhones in the world.

"When they're fully built out it'll be 13,000 jobs in addition to that there’s another 22,000 indirect jobs that would be impacted by that," said Jerry Murphy, Executive Director for New North Inc.

New North Incorporated, a regional economic development organization in Green Bay serves 18 area counties.

It says a healthy manufacturing base and array of suppliers here in northeast Wisconsin can fulfill Foxconn’s supply chain.

"The diversity range here is huge, so from machine manufacturing, plastics, electronics, circuitry, we're really well grounded and very diverse in the offering that I think we'll match up really well with Foxconn's demand," added Murphy.

Murphy says the focus of Foxconn coming to the state has been on money and the jobs that it will bring, but he also wants to emphasize that Foxconn coming is going to help accelerate the technology industry in Wisconsin.

"Wisconsin is not a small producer of technology capacity, but it doesn't have that reputation. A huge project like this will bring enormous attention from across the country and internationally that the state of Wisconsin is also in the technology sector,” Murphy said.

New North Incorporated, using grant money from the state is expanding an online database to show the supply chain for the entire state.

"Foxconn and subsequent other new companies that are looking at Wisconsin as a potential location, could very easily on the internet, they could basically pre-qualify the state for the type of suppliers that they need to fulfill their demand," says Murphy.