REPORT: Foxconn shelving innovation centers in Green Bay, other cities

Published: Oct. 23, 2019 at 11:56 AM CDT
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Foxconn Technology Group appears to be shelving plans for innovation centers in Green Bay and other cities, according to a report from Wisconsin Public Radio.

The Foxconn Innovation Center in Green Bay was expected to open in late 2018. Green Bay Development Director Kevin Vonck tells WPR that the tech giant is "re-evaluating their strategy throughout the state and their focus is on southeastern Wisconsin."

to read the full article from Wisconsin Public Radio.

Vonck told Action 2 News Wednesday, "I really think some of the local folks that we've been working with, they still feel it as an important part of their presence in the state. And so again maybe not on the aggressive track that they initially planned, but still something they feel is important and eventually getting it built out."

Foxconn owns the six-story Watermark Building along the Fox River in Green Bay. Vonck says Foxconn has already made improvements to the building and is maintaining it as well.

the Taiwanese firm said it would open the innovation center at the Watermark that year and hire 200 workers.

Then-Gov. Scott Walker and then-Foxconn CEO Terry Gou made the announcement on Green Bay's CityDeck.

"They are going to stay in the great state of Wisconsin, and other millenials like them are going come to the state of Wisconsin because we have some of the most exciting technology and innovation in the world and part of it's going to happen right here in Green Bay at this innovation center," said Walker at the announcement.

Foxconn said the focus of the Green Bay innovation center would be developing applications for Foxconn's 8K+5G display technology.

It's now late 2019 and there's been little movement at the Watermark building.

in June to get a progress report on the innovation center.

“What they [Foxconn] are working on is still preparing to do their build-out for the second floor,” Vonck told us. “I know one thing they are working on is parking arrangements. The parking ramp is part of that structure. I know there were leases they didn’t find favorable in terms of developing, so they are going through the process of getting their arms around what all they have control over in terms of that parking ramp.”

Foxconn also had plans to open innovation centers in Eau Claire, Racine and Madison.

WPR reports the tech giant plans to focus on its $10 billion facility in Mount Pleasant. The company has said the facility will be open by the end of 2020.

Wisconsin lawmakers approved a $3 billion package of tax cuts to bring Foxconn to Wisconsin.