Foxconn representatives address Northeast Wisconsin manufacturers during annual expo

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GREEN BAY, Wis. Foxconn representatives visited Green Bay Wednesday to connect with Northeast Wisconsin manufacturers and give a keynote speech at the annual 'Manufacturing First Expo and Conference.'

Alan Yeung, Foxconn's Director of U.S. Strategic Initiatives, gives a keynote speech at the annual 'Manufacturing First Expo and Conference' at KI Convention Center in Green Bay

The expo brought in more than a thousand people and 600 high school students from all over the region, and is a chance for businesses and students to learn about all of the manufacturers in Northeast Wisconsin.

"This really helps businesses connect with other businesses to get involved in their supply chain, it’s to also help kids. In the morning we had career speakers at each booth talk to kids about their careers so they can hear directly from someone who really does it," said Ann Franz, Executive Director of NEW Manufacturing Alliance.

The event featured keynote speakers from Oshkosh Corporation, Barry Wehmiller and Foxconn, who announced in June plans of opening an innovation center in Green Bay.

"We have announced the creation of a Wisconn Valley Innovation Center and Network starting with Green Bay and then Eau Claire, Milwaukee as well as Racine," said Alan Yeung, Foxconn’s Director of U.S. Strategic Initiatives.

Franz says one out of four jobs in Northeast Wisconsin is in manufacturing. Yeung got a chance to check out more than 200 booths at the expo, giving him a taste of all the ways manufacturers in the region can be a part of Foxconn's supply chain.

"We are looking forward to working closely with you in Green Bay and New North with northeastern manufacturers here. My understanding is the project we have announced for the industrial portion is going to add at least $52 billion into the economy over the next 15 years, and every year at least $1.4 billion in products and services for the supply chain," Yeung says.

Yeung calls Northeast Wisconsin manufacturers a critical link in Foxconn’s development. Yeung says the region’s manufacturers can aid in building Foxconn's Science Park in Racine County, and eventually components that will go into Foxconn products, applications, and solutions.

''We decided to be here because of you, we decided to be here because we need to bring back, we want to bring back large scale electronic manufacturing. We also want to contribute to the process of Wisconsin becoming the next generation of high tech and manufacturing hub and actually transform the region," said Yeung.

"Manufacturing is all about technology, and it's so exciting having Foxconn here to really be pushing our state and our educational system to meet their technology needs, which in turn is going to help our manufacturers," Franz adds.