Foxconn lures in local contractors

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KIMBERLY, Wis. (WBAY) - A massive building plan is underway for the largest, foreign, direct-investment projects in state history: Foxconn, just months from beginning construction.

As we've reported, the Foxconn project has to deliver 13,000 jobs in order to get the $3 billion promised to them by Governor Walker. To have so many employees will require a large-scale campus and even additional methods of transportation into that area— so much so-- it's been compared to building "a brand new city."

In a few months, we'll see the plan begin to come to life, but it needs a lot of material and able-bodied contractors to start.

"Construction phases do take a number of capabilities in that process. From landscaping, site preparation, cement, hardware, carpenters, it's definitely a very large supply chain that is involved in creating a project such as this,” Senior Project Manager Connie Loden told Action 2 News. “You're actually talking about building basically a small city."

On Friday, builders from across Wisconsin were in Kimberly on one of the many stops Foxconn reps are making to lure in the right people for the project.

"This is now information on construction phase and how suppliers can be teed up to be considered to be a contractor in that phase,” said Loden.

Contractors register at these events or online supply chain marketplace:

Officials say this project needs to move fast. Loden says, “Cities usually develop over a long period of time, so this is really getting all of that happening in a rather compact time frame."

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