Fox Valley organization sends cloth diapers to those in need

Published: May. 30, 2017 at 3:05 PM CDT
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A Fox Valley organization provides relief for mothers and babies across the globe, by focusing on an underrated necessity.

“Nobody else in the world does quite what we do,” says Stephanie Bowers, the executive director and co-founder of Jake’s Diapers. “We are approaching 4,000 lives impacted in 16 countries, including here in our own Fox Valley backyard.”

The organization sends diapers across the globe, focusing specifically on Haiti and the need there.

“A lot of malnutrition has roots in diarrhea and worms,” Bowers says. “[These] are things that we just do not really talk about or think about here in the U.S.”

Jake’s Diapers sends cloth diapers overseas, to make sure diapers are always available.

“The idea is to have healthier babies, have babies that can stay with their families,” she says. “Have moms that can survive and thrive after childbirth.”

One cloth diaper replaces the need for 400 to 500 disposable diapers. Right now, Jake’s Diapers sends enough diapers to third-world countries to last babies from infancy to potty training.

Since Jake’s Diapers started their work, they’ve seen infant morality rates go down, partially because of their influence.

Recently, they’ve paired with Johnson & Johnson, who matches each donation up to $250. Jake’s Diapers is currently working toward a $50 thousand fundraising goal, that would help 500 babies in need.

“Our mission is all about education,” says Kevin Eldreth, a board member for Jake’s Diapers. “People can't make an impact in the world if they don't know how, if they don't know that there's this level of poverty, a level that we couldn't even imagine."

To make a donation to Jake’s Diapers, visit their website or Faceook page.