Fox Valley magician makes comeback for a cause Saturday night

Published: Mar. 9, 2018 at 5:08 PM CST
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Doctors warned a local professor's wife that he likely wouldn't make it to the next morning after his stroke.

But after a long journey, Bruce Hetzler will be a part of a Fox Valley magician group that will entertain Saturday night at its first ever show.

In 2011, Hetzler had a stroke.

"It was a hemorrhagic stroke which a blood vessel burst in the right side of brain," said Hetzler.

He couldn't walk or use his left arm and hand.

"And ever since then I've been trying to recover," Hetzler said. "It's been a long slow process, I've been in and out of therapy."

His love for magic was a key motivator for Hetzler,

Now he can walk and has some use of his left hand.

Saturday night's show will be a major step.

"It will be the first time I've done closeup magic since my stroke," said Hetzler.

The show benefits Littlest Tumor Foundation and its summer retreat.

The foundation spreads awareness about neurofibromatosism, which causes tumors.

"Our retreat really focuses on empowering them, getting them to explore an adventure and grow within themselves," said Lauren Ray of Littlest Tumor Foundation.

Hetzler hopes he and the other magicians have a crowd.

"Magic is a wonderful form of entertainment that's suitable for the entire family and also because it's for a valuable, important cause," said Hetzler.

The Fox Valley Magic Extravaganza starts tomorrow at 7:00 at the Radisson Paper Valley Hotel. Go to and click "book now" for tickets.