Acts of vandalism across Fox Valley

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WINNEBAGO COUNTY, Wis. (WBAY) - Fox Valley law enforcement agencies investigate several acts of vandalism from over the weekend.

Graffiti spray painted on lighthouse
The Kimberly Point Lighthouse in Neenah is spray painted in one of several acts of vandalism around the Fox Valley in February (photo provided)

From the Kimberly Point Lighthouse in Neenah to the new Highway 10 overpass supports in the Village of Fox Crossing and other road signs in Winnebago County, authorities are investigating several acts of vandalism in the Fox Valley. In all cases, some type of blue paint was used to draw the graffiti.

According to Zuehls, "It doesn't appear at this time to be gang-related. It appears somebody's initials and then possibly some pointed eyebrows."

Zuehls believes the graffiti was painted sometime Friday night or early Saturday morning. He says, "Maybe it's some kids that are just looking at causing damage, and it frustrates me. The Kimberly Point, the lighthouse is one of our historical sites in the City of Neenah."

"While most of the graffiti has been cleaned up in Neenah, some remnants remain on the lighthouse.

Authorities says this type of destructive behavior is not acceptable.

Zuehls adds, "So my message to them is stop. Knock it off. There's a lot of other things, you can volunteer and contribute to our community and do some positive things. You don't have to go out there and ruin things that other people enjoy."

Officers from all the jurisdictions where the graffiti was found are canvassing the areas, trying to find those who are responsible. They're asking neighbors if they saw anyone or anything suspicious over the weekend to report that to authorities.

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