Fox Cities group shining light on traumatic brain injury

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FOX CITIES, Wis. (WBAY) - A group in the Fox Cities seeks to bring more awareness to injuries that can be hard to see but have a lasting impact on someone's life.

Craig Jordan couldn't keep his job as an accountant after a brain injury.

"I wasn't able to remember the processes and the detail and that kind of thing," said Craig.

But he went on to become a case manager in the brain injury field. Now he's a part of BRAIN Fox Valley.

The group's goals include "a better support system for persons who have traumatic brain injury, who are experiencing symptoms of traumatic brain injury, and their caregiver," Kathy Connolly, BRAIN Fox Valley, said.

The group partners with Fox Valley organizations because there are gaps in care, especially in long term treatment for traumatic brain injuries.

"It might take four or five or six or seven years to recuperate to the greatest extent," said Craig.

BRAIN Fox Valley says 331 people from area shelters were assessed, and more than 85 percent said they've experienced a brain or neck injury in their life.

Soar Fox Cities, another local group, works with people with developmental disabilities.

It sees brain injury survivors with memory loss and trouble with reasoning.

"Over the last year, year and a half, we've seen a really big increase in the number of people coming to our support group meetings," said Ashley Gustafson of SOAR Fox Cities.

Jordan believes there is hope for fellow brain injury survivors.

"Instead of struggling against what you don't have, I would say to celebrate and work with what you do have," said Jordan.

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