Four arrested in Green Bay carjacking, robbery and beating

GREEN BAY, Wis. (WBAY) Four people, ages 22 or younger, are arrested and facing kidnapping, robbery or vehicle theft charges, after Green Bay Police say they robbed and beat a man, stole his car, and crashed it in a high-speed chase near Milwaukee.

Green Bay Police say it happened Wednesday night around 5:30, but two hours went by before they were notified when a homeowner in Howard called, saying the 19-year old victim just knocked on their door, looking to use a phone.

Police say it started at an Ashwaubenon business when 19-year old Luz Ramirez-Rodriguez met the victim, got into his car and headed to an apartment in Howard.

There, police say three men, 17-year old Cheyton Hayden-Soun, 18-year old Ali Hood, and 22-year old Antonio Sheppard, were waiting.

Detectives say they pistol-whipped and beat the victim, then drove him to an ATM on Green Bay's east side, ordering him to withdraw as much cash as he could. They say they again drove around for awhile before leaving the victim in a Howard neighborhood.

That's when the victim walked up to a home he wasn't familiar with and asked for a phone. Police say he called a family member to pick him up.

The homeowner thought it was all suspicious and called police.

By that time, they say Hayden-Soun and Hood had already taken off in the victim's car.

Ozaukee County Sheriff's deputies finally spotted them around 1:00 a.m. Thursday, leading to a high-speed police chase before the suspects crashed into a field.

Green Bay Police say, as scary as the crime sounds, it was not random.

"Pretty serious event. This was a planned, set-up robbery, very serious, especially when a firearm is involved. I think they said they pistol-whipped the victim," says Commander Jim Runge, adding that the victim is recovering and did not have life-threatening injuries.

He says some of the suspects are well known to police.

"We believe they're involved in other significant crimes this year, recently," he says.

That includes a case involving nearly a half-dozen stolen cars that Action 2 News first reported back in September.

We searched court records Friday and found all three men arrested this time have been in and out of custody since 2015.

Ali Hood plead guilty to a theft of moveable property charge last year. Police say he was recently released from Lincoln Hills.

Antonio Sheppard was convicted of a burglary in Brown County in 2015.

Cheyton Hayden-Soun is at the top of their list, though, with multiple charges filed for stealing cars in Door and Brown Counties, just in the last three months.

Court records show he was just released on a signature bond at the end of October.

Police are relieved he's again in custody, and this time is being held on a much higher bond.

In court Friday afternoon, a court commissioner ordered Hayden-Soun be held on a $50,000 cash bond.

Hood and Sheppard were each ordered held on $20,000 cash bonds.

Ramirez-Rodriguez was ordered held on a $7,500 cash bond.

All four are due back in court December 8th.