Former teacher appealing Outagamie County child sex assault conviction

Jason Lavigne looks to the courtroom gallery after being sentenced to prison on sexual assault charges in Outagamie County on June 25, 2019 (WBAY photo)

OUTAGAMIE COUNTY, Wis. (WBAY) - A former teacher is appealing his conviction of Repeated Sexual Assault of the Same Child in Outagamie County.

Jason Lavigne, 47, has filed for post-conviction relief with Wisconsin's District 3 Court of Appeals.

Lavigne's motion lists newly discovered evidence and ineffective counsel among the reasons for the appeal.

In April 2019, an Outagamie County jury found Lavigne guilty of Repeated Sexual Assault of the Same Child. A judge sentenced the former Little Chute teacher to five years in prison.

A criminal complaint says the victim accused Lavigne of rubbing up against her inappropriately during class in 2000.

The woman is now in her 30s. During sentencing, she addressed Lavigne by saying, "You have been caught and proven by the jury that you are guilty of repeatedly sexually assaulting me and that you are a pedophile. It takes a completely disgusting, repulsive human being to commit these illegal acts to a child and drag your wife and kids through this, only thinking of yourself. You deserve the maximum sentencing and to be kept away from young innocent girls."

Lavigne asked the judge for leniency. "Although I do not agree with the jury's decision in this matter, I ask for your better judgment in helping me get back to my family and my wife and my three children as quickly as possible," Lavigne said during sentencing.

In a separate case, Lavigne was ordered to serve five years in prison for third-degree sexual assault of a 16-year-old girl in Marinette County.

Court records show Lavigne has filed intent to pursue post-conviction relief in the Marinette County case.