Former Packers asst. coach Andy Reid seeks Super Bowl glory

MIAMI, Fla. (WBAY) - Chiefs coach Andy Reid is one of the most beloved leaders in the league, and one of the best head coaches never to win a Super Bowl.

Reid will get a crack at glory this week, looking to add to the ring he won as an assistant with the Packers. The hoopla has certainly grown around the big game since the 1990's and also since Reid's last trip with the Eagles 15 years ago.

"Yeah, I don't remember it being quite this big," Reid said of the Opening Night festivities. "I went through a couple of these, when I was in Green Bay we went a couple times too. This is big. I can't really see the whole thing because of the lights but it looks like there is a great turnout."

Reid's career has had its ups and downs, but he wouldn't trade his job for the world.

"I mean it's a great experience, there aren't a lot of NFL coaches and people in the world that have this opportunity," Reid said. "I was able to come from the lower ranks on up."

The Chiefs coach hasn't forgotten where he got his NFL start, and the man who gave him that chance.

"Mike Holmgren, going back to BYU, he promised me he'd give me a job if he got a head coaching job," Reid said. "He called me and the rest is kind of history. But he gave me an opportunity to coach in the NFL. I had a hard time believing anyone did it better than him. And I still believe that. He is phenomenal. He needs to be in the Hall of Fame. Absolutely in the Hall of Fame."

Reid reflects praise back to his mentors, and serves as a great mentor to his players, past and present, who would run through a brick wall for him. One of those players? Former Iola-Scandanavia Thunderbird Austen Lane.

"I had the absolute privilege to play for Andy Reid with the Chiefs back in 2013," Lane said. "He is one of the most genuine people ever. Andy Reid stands out to me in and that he treated you like a man. He wasn't going to cuss you out. He expected a lot out of you, and in doing that the players want to play for him. You ask any Kansas City Chiefs player here and they want this for him, more than they want to win for themselves."

Reid's offense has scored points in bunches these playoffs, but only after falling in big holes of 24-0 against the Texans and 10-0 against the Titans. With the 49ers defense this week it would be well advised for Kansas City to start faster.