Former Packers QB Doug Pederson steps on Super Bowl stage

MINNEAPOLIS, Minn. (WBAY) - It's been exactly 20 years since Doug Peterson was last on the Super Bowl stage, backing up Brett Favre.

Back then, he had little inkling that one day he would be in Mike Holmgren's shoes, coaching a team in the big game.

“You know I do lean back and look back on some of those days in Green Bay with Coach Holmgren and how he prepared our team to really meet the challenges of what this week is all about,” Pederson said. “I truly cherish the two opportunities I had as a player in Green Bay to be in the Super Bowl and you always strive to try to get back there, whether you’re a player or a coach. Now on this side of it, and to be back in my second year as a head coach. It’s exciting.”
Favre has often spoken of Pederson in the most endearing of terms. The backup was like an extra coach for #4. So it's fitting he's taken this path. But it didn't start in the NFL, it was a high school start.

“It gave me an opportunity to teach football and to coach to see if that’s what I wanted to do in my career,” Pederson said. “Then obviously and ultimately it got me back in the NFL.”

Pederson's esteem in the league vaulted leaps and bounds following his play calling masterpiece with Nick Foles under center in the NFC Title Game. 38 unanswered points against Minnesota’s defense turned heads. The Packers can attest to just how hard that is. Brett Hundley put up a goose egg against the Vikings in the home finale.

Pederson, the quarterback whisperer hoping to roar to a title on Sunday.