Former Coleman volleyball coach convicted in child sex case

MARINETTE COUNTY, Wis. (WBAY) - A former Coleman school volleyball coach has been convicted of several counts in a child sex case.

Marinette County Court records show Jason R. Nieminski was found guilty of five of 22 charges Wednesday morning.

Nieminski pleaded no contest to these charges:

--Sexual Intercourse with a Child 16 or Older (Misdemeanor)
--Expose Child to Harmful Descriptions (Felony)
--Expose Child to Harmful Descriptions (Felony)
--Expose Child to Harmful Descriptions (Felony)
--Cause Child 13-18 to View Sexual Activity (Felony)

The judge found him guilty. The remaining charges were dismissed and read into the record. A sentencing hearing is scheduled for Dec. 30.

Action 2 News first reported on the case in November 2018. The Marinette County Sheriff's Office received a call from a state investigator about a cyber tip involving sexual conversations and images that had been exchanged between an underage girl and a 41-year-old man. The images had been flagged by Facebook Messenger.

The state investigator had files of their conversation, which included talk of oral sex, a photo of adult genitalia and sexually-explicit images of an underage girl.

Marinette County investigators identified the victim and searched her phone and smart watch and found the Facebook Messenger conversation between the victim and Nieminski, who was once a JV Volleyball Coach in Coleman. Attached to that conversation were dozens of sexually-explicit photos and some videos of what appeared to be an underage girl. They also found a sexually-explicit image of an adult male.

The victim later admitted that it was she and Nieminski in the images, according to the criminal complaint.

A detective spoke with Nieminski's wife, who said her husband had confessed to her that he had been exchanging inappropriate messages with the underage girl. She said she had warned her husband over the summer than he should not be texting and talking to the victim as much as he was.

Detectives were again called to speak with the victim after she told a social worker that she had sex with Nieminski. Investigators say the sex started in October 2017 and lasted through October 2018. The victim said she was 15-years old when it started.

The victim told investigators that Nieminski gave her a box of "triangle-type devices" to prevent pregnancy. She said Nieminski told her not to tell anyone about what they were doing. He threatened to tell people that she blackmailed him, according to the complaint.