Late Fond du Lac businessman honored for fulfilling "Peanut Butter Promise"

Published: May. 8, 2019 at 4:19 PM CDT
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A Fond du Lac businessman who passed away earlier year is being honored for his service to the community.

Peter Zacherl, owner of Zacherl Funeral Home in Fond du Lac, died in January after his ATV hit open water on Lake Winnebago. Now, his impact on the community won't be forgotten.

A conference room was full of do-gooders Wednesday. They're people who, whether they know it or not, are living "The Peanut Butter Promise."

"The Peanut Butter Promise basically says you were born with every gift and talent you need to fulfill your purpose. The cute part is, just as peanut butter was to meet jelly, there are people in our lives or destined to come into our lives to help us achieve our goals. Basically, we can't do it alone," says Steve Rose, who came up with the idea.

One person who lived The Peanut Butter Promise by serving his community before his unfortunate passing, was Peter Zacherl. Not only did he own Zacherl Funeral Home in Fond du Lac, but he never said no to helping others.

That selflessness was recognized as he was honored as the first ever Peanut Butter Promise Service Award recipient. It signified how his commitment to others will never be forgotten.

According to Charlene Rose, "He was just a really, all-around, he lived it out. He didn't just talk about it. He lived out what he thought about people, about things. He lived out his heart."

His family and friends were honored accepting the award on his behalf. They say Zacherl never served the community for recognition, it's just what he chose to do.

"He was always willing to give to the community and to associations that were close to his heart, and also, he was just such a believer in second chances and that everybody deserved forgiveness," says Dawn Nelson from Zacherl Funeral Home.

Beliefs and actions that lived the Peanut Butter Promise.

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